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Thread: Telemetry Logging and Analysis Application

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    I know, old thread.

    But I was wondering about something: the recent UDP protocol versions have added new datas, which are not included in this application's parameter list. I would like to access these in my LUA script, but would it require that the author adds support for the new protocol by updating this app (which now seems very unlikely to happen), or is there by any chance a way to access them in LUA scripts in the current version of the app?

    Basically, I'm ultimately looking for a way to save certain types of data from the current race session into a file, filtering out the unwanted data types (which there are many).

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    I have install
    Pcars telemetry V 014d.64bit(have also try other versions), app show as version e
    Ps4 pro for project cars 2.
    Chinese Window 7 profressional

    The problem is that I cannot load any map(map pack) when I record session from ps4 pro. But I can load the map if I open the “session file from the forum”. As I generate a map from a self-record session, a file with filename “.ttm” appear at the map folder(this map can be reuse). So ,I copy and paste a map file(from map pack) , and rename it to “.ttd”, map can be loaded now(BLANK FILENAME is made by rename the file as ”.ttd.” . But everytime I change a track , I need to copy and self-rename a “.ttd” file.

    When I recording, “driver, class , car , track” at the “session info window” become empty, this seems the app cannot capture the above information, so the session just want to match a map file with blank filename.

    Anyone has the same problem? My method at least can use the app . It really awesome! Any method to solve the problem? Or can I write LUA script to fix it?

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    I am on a 4K screen and I have changed the font-size in the telemetry program but it still appears cut-off on the upper left pane? Any idea? I have also toyed with DPI/scaling settings in the app properties to no avail...

    Click image for larger version. 

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