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Thread: Cornish Pastymen - Looking for Clean/Fun Drivers

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    Cornish Pastymen - Looking for Clean/Fun Drivers

    Hello All,

    Cornish Pastymen are a small community of lads that play a bunch of games, ranging from Arma 3 (Tatically) / Project Cars / GTA and whatever we can get our hands on! We pride ourselves on being able to have a laugh at most things and we do not take ourselves serious at all. Having said this, when it comes to racers we are looking for people that would like to run some leagues, have some clean races and ideally set up a strong racing team.

    If this interests you in anyway feel free to contact me on here/steam/teamspeak.

    Steam ID : Quicky9229
    Teamspeak :

    Hope to see you all soon

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    Hi chaps,

    I'm planning a racing LAN in November this year, it will be in South Somerset. PM me if you'd like some details.

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    I'm in the land of the pasty ( extra pepper on mine) racing PCars on PS4 if any one's interested in joining me.
    Trying out the kernow kings pasty diet 12 and I'm sweating pasty juice

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