I have owned the black Logitech Momo wheel for roughly ~10-years. It has done me a great service dating all the way back to Nascar Racing 4/2003. Papyrus had a real gem with that game. To bad EA ruined it. But I am looking for something that is compatible with my Sony PS4 (PC as well). But seeing as I am preparing for vacation here soon, I do not want to break the bank. I currently just own Project Cars for PC but may purchase for PS4 as well, as I am guessing the community is a little larger? I do not like the way Steam splits the PC Project Cars community by region (real shame there).

I am looking at the Thrustmaster T100. How does this compare to my Momo? It does have PS4 support. I can pick up locally for $150.

Any other recommendation for around the same price?