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Thread: Traction Control Slip - how exactly does it work for historic cars?

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    Traction Control Slip - how exactly does it work for historic cars?

    I use "real" option for assists in pCARS - I want to have them available in cars that do have them in real life, like modern GT and sports cars, but I don't want to use them for historic cars and other that are not allowed to use them in real racing. Yet I can see in car setup, that "traction control slip" slider is set above 0% for all cars in spite I have set the assists to "real". Do I have to set it to 0% (actually 1% is lowest possible) in each car in order to get rid of TC? How can I check and be sure that I have all unnecessary assists disabled?

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    The TC slip doesn't work on older cars if there is no TC at all. Your aids should display on the (for lack of a better better word) regular HUD. If the symbol isn't there, that aid is off.

    Quick tip: The higher the TC slip, the less often the TC will intervene. Set the max 15% will allow for quite a lot of slip before intervention. You can see it in the telemetry HUD.

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