Hi guys i have a few requests for online room.
Please please can we have some option added to room creation please. We are a group who are trying to start a small league/group for friends and like minded guys and girls who love to race and have fun at the same time.
So my question is can we have some indicator next to users names to say if they are using a wheel or a pad or have an Options to have a wheel only room. (This is not meant to offend anyone but we do not want to be racing people on pads to many problems in the past with wheels/pad racing together.)
Next could we have a way of creating a championship night with multi races with point given at the end of the championship? If point system too much then we can implement our own system.
We would also like to know who got the fastest lap on a race. (so if we do own points system we can give point for the fastest lap.
We would also like to have reverse result grid start or a weight penalty for winning last race
Better chat quality as well please