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Thread: [Known Issue] Multiplayer: Why the ONE version has no lists?

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    [Known Issue] Multiplayer: Why the ONE version has no lists?

    Hi, Im very dissapointed about the multiplayer in ONE version...

    I thought that it would be similar to Toca Race Driver 3: you select some features (circuit, car, restrictions, etc..), go to "Search" and a list of races avaliable are shown.

    But what I found is an "automatic" and "cheap" method similar to Forza, that takes you to a race directly.

    I know PC and PS4 version works with lists and my question es simple:

    Why the ONE version is different?

    You have plans to improve this issue?

    Aside this and other bugs, the game is just outstanding, the racer that Ive allways dream for consoles.

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    Ms is the reason so I believe and they are looking into a way of bringing some sort of lobby list to xbox.
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    There's already been a few threads on this, but it is definitely being looked at. See here.
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