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Thread: [UNDER 100c] Ideal oil and water temperatures?

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    [UNDER 100c] Ideal oil and water temperatures?

    What title says. What are they roughly? Unless I´m missing something they´re not even in the full HUD version, only in MOTEC display of GT cars.

    So basically, engine cooling is guesswork except for those until a patch comes for consoles. So, one step at a time, what are ideal temps for let´s say a GT3? Does engine cooling slider affect both of them?

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    I haven't been able to see any oil/water temp info other than what I can read off the gauges in cockpit view.

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    Umer Ahmad
    less than 100c for both.

    Most racing have lighting alarms on the dashboard at least when these temps are reached.

    prototypes & GTs will display it in a MOTEC page. The older cars have analog gauges and lights only.

    yes, the radiator cools both
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    OK, now, any way to get info about it on cars where display doesn't show it? Any way to have it displayed on full HUD?

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    Umer Ahmad
    Right now, no. But probably something that could be added in a patch

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