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Thread: Invisible cars

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    Invisible cars

    Bit of a odd glitch was racing online when i hit something on the main straight and both my front wheels fell off wasn't until i looked at the game replay it showed there was a car there but on my screen there wasn't

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    the video is set to private, i really want to see that
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    Oh man that is hilarious, but the car that's overtaking you is also missing but in the replay?

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    It's happend to me a few times...
    On-line Lag...

    one of the other players has some lag..
    His car is out of position and you run into it, but it hasn't been visually put in place.
    So your live screen updates had lag, but the replay shows it as recorded.

    It's there in the replay, because the replay works by displaying all the recorded telemetry of the cars.
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