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Thread: T300 Help please!

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    T300 Help please!

    Hello guys, I need some help here, please!

    I live in Brazil, and the options for buying a t300 round here are really scarce and extremely expensive. I ended up ordering one from, which had the best price. However, in the UK they use 220 or 230V for their plugs, while in Brazil (at least where I live) we use 110 or 120V plugs. Therefore, I would need to use an adapter to change the voltage of the wheel. The thing is, for me to buy the correct adapter I need to know the power of the wheel in watts. I cannot find this information anywhere on the web, but I'm almost sure that it can be found on the power supply cable. As I haven't received mine yet, is it possible for any of you to take a look at it and send me this info!? Sorry if I didn't make myself so clear, as English is not my native language.

    Thanks a lot in advance!

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    Try to contact Thrustmaster by official web, or by phone if you can and ask them about your problem. Maybe they help you.

    Hope it helps. Regards.

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