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Thread: Error CE-34878-0

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    I've been having this problem when attempting a pit stop. Is this still a common issue? Any help would be massively appreciated.

    An error has occurred in the following application:
    Project CARS

    Driving with the Lotus Type 72d Cosworth in a private multiplayer session at the Imola circuit. Every time I attempt a pit stop, it changes the tyres as normal and the lollipop man moves. Just as the car is about to move away from the pitbox, the blue screen pops up with the above error message. I've tried 3 times after resetting the router and PS4, but the problem is still continuing to happen.

    Thought this might be circuit specific, so I tried a different track with the same lobby settings. The problem still occurred.

    I am using a T300RS wheel with stock pedals.

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    Depois do update Patch 3.01 o código 38784 é praticamente o jogo, Não é possível mudar o carro no Lobby pré corrida. Já reinstall o game é fiz backup e não resolveu o problema, estou muito furioso, preciso de uma solução urgente. Onde está o suporte do jogo, isso é obrigação da produtora manter a manutenção do produto!

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