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Thread: Photo Mode Requests

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    Lightbulb Photo Mode Requests

    Being on the PS4, I'd love to be able to take some photos like the guys on PC are taking. Here is a list of a few things I'd like to see in a future update:

    Allow access to photo mode during replays.
    -Most of the time I want to take a photo is after completing a race when I know there is something that I did that could be a neat pic.

    Fine tune camera direction/position.
    -Instead of focusing on the car in general, I'd like to be able to pan off and get the car either to the side of my frame or just focus on a single part of the car. Also taking the camera right down to the pavement would be nice. Or maybe on the other side of a fence? Camera tilt option?

    Focus/blurr sliders with a secondary button to move it faster.
    -it seems like a few of the current options have a million points to tweak the image to. But most of the time I have no idea what the difference is between a high setting or a low setting. How about a modifier button to allow the slider to move faster or long presses auto speed up the slider so we can see what exactly we are modifying. Otherwise it takes over 30 seconds to get from one side to another.

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