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Thread: Twitch streaming XB1

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    Twitch streaming XB1

    Firstly thanks SMS for a great game,
    I have searched the forums to see if this has been brought up anywhere and can find anything.
    I tried to stream twitch last night, whilst playing project CARS on XB1 and every time I went to broadcast I lost me FFB on my TX wheel. Twitch off wheel fine, Twitch on no FFB. I read somewhere that the XB1 version takes some of its processing power from to Kinect to make the game run better. I am assuming this might be the reason why? Not a big issue for me as I can stream twitch through my egato recorder, I just wanted to make people aware that this might be a problem, or it could be an isolated incident.

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    Something to do with snapping apps & the FFB disappears on the wheel & it's a chore to get back.
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    Can be restored but power cycling the wheel or hitting dashboard button on wheel and entering game again.maximum of 60seconds to restore!

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