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Thread: Let's talk about Limited Slip Differential a bit....

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    Let's talk about Limited Slip Differential a bit....

    Limited Slip Acceleration Lock
    So the onscreen help for Limited Slip Acceleration Lock says 'High settings here give the car better traction coming out of corners but limit your ability to turn.'

    Now I've been reading various guides and watching vids to teach myself setups (which is actually proving to be really bloody confusing and contradictary a lot of the time) and this morning I spent a couple of hours playing with the LSA, the result of which was rather unexpected. In short, the opposite of the onscreen help quoted above seems to be true. When setting the LSA very high (say around 95%) I found that coming out of slow corners was really hairy and I had to be very respectful to the throttle in order to ensure I didn't spin it. However, when I then took the LSA down very low, I found that those same corners were much more forgiving on exit and I could be pretty aggresive with the power and get away with it. This was tested with the RUF CTR 3 by the way, in case that's relevant.

    Can someone please explain in reasonably plain English why it seems to be backwards like this? There's clearly something I don't understand about how it works and until I do, I'm going to really struggle to understand how to apply it properly to my setups.

    Limited Slip Preload
    This one seems more straightforward but I just want to clarify: when I release the brake just before I turn in, it's during that turn in phase when I haven't applied the throttle yet that the LSP determines how the car behaves (along with the front slow rebound and the rear slow bump as the weight shifts off the front of the car)?

    As always, thanks for any wisdom. You're a good bunch
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