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Thread: UK PC Wheel Only Racing League - Fridays @ 10pm

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    UK PC Wheel Only Racing League - Fridays @ 10pm

    We are (currently) a small group of enthusiastic PC sim racers who race on a Friday evening, purely for wheel users only.

    We are currently running the Formula A cars and at present are just doing some 10 lap friendly practice races until the actual league starts
    in a few weeks time.

    Generally the session starts at 10pm (practice first, then qualy, then the race)

    We start at 10pm because we do have a few US racers in our group and to accommodate those we start a bit later so they can participate, we are open
    to other race nights and times, and as time goes on we will host various class races at different days and times during the week.

    Initially you need to join our facebook group to participate, from there you need to supply us your steam name and to start racing you MUST send us a picture of yourself with your steam profile name written on paper next to your wheel setup, this way we know you have a wheel and are not simply posting some random picture of the internet.

    Once this is done, you will be approved to race with us

    We will not stand for first corner smash heads!!! we appreciate we all have accidents when racing but continuous 'Bad' racing will mean you will be kicked from
    the group and you will not receive any more invites to race.

    A website is under construction, and will be revealed shortly.

    Although we are a UK racing league, this does not mean we are UK exclusive, anybody can join and race but bear in mind that we are UK timezone friendly at present, although we do have some US members who will also be hosting US time zone friendly races too.

    This group is in its infancy, we hope to grow it and become more professional as time goes on, but as one of the group admin, I am still learning hence why we are just having practice races at present to iron out issues.

    So, join the facebook group, and go from there

    Steam id = BigJayA

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    Joined and will sent other info later, can't do Friday nights but will look forward to expanding nights to come. On the east coast and have kids for the late night works for me.

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    is this still going?

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    Are you guys still online to drive a few laps with? I've just tried another public room, it was called fair and got smashed off the track by someone making a mistake and didn't even bother to attempt a safe join back on to the track. Really getting fed up of this now.

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