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Thread: DashMeterPro app and pCARS

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    DashMeterPro app and pCARS

    Hey guys, I hope someone can help me with a problem with my DashMeterPro app for pCARS.

    Preferences - LEDs Bars / Shift Light
    Shift Light (FLASH)

    Enable Shift Light (negative flash at the shift point) is selected
    Automatic Threshold is selected
    With this setting the entire screen will flash "negative" when the rpms reach the limit.

    If I deselect Automatic Threshold I can then edit the RPM Threshold.
    Enable Shift Light (negative flash at the shift point) is still selected.
    The screen no longer flashes "negative." The screen turns "negative" once and holds the negative color instead of flashing.

    Is it possible to be able to set my own own RPM Threshold and still have the screen flash "negative" when the threshold is reached?

    Thanks in advance.

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    TBH I haven't messed with these, as the cars do have different rev ranges. So rather than having to change the setting per car auto setting work fine from my perspective.
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