loving the Formula A cars, never seem to get much competition online so thought i would post here to see if i could find some. I race clean/fair which can be quite hard with some of the quality of the online racers.

Some people set up the weirdest sessions, for example a 5 lap race in imola turned into a night race on 2nd last lap, at least the formula a cars have that red light so you can see them but a few players chose lower class cars which had no light and they just sat waiting on the straight so you would crash out on purpose. another example is racing at nordschleife with a 5 minute quallifying session

sometimes a quick race is ok but i prefer longer sessions or real life sessions, quick example

quick - 5 lap race
long - 15 mins practice-30 mins quallifying-15/30 lap race
real- 60mins practice-60mins quallifying-50/70 lap race