Hello fellow racers. I'd like to introduce you our community. We are 5 years old and we're have Project Cars in our list now.

Our site contains online races and tournaments (tournaments under functional overwork now), virtual bets, bets on rivals and more. Each player gains levels, rating and points (which are used for bets) based on completed races with regard to the other riders and their rating. We have rules and we are focused on clean racing.

For the fifth anniversary we are planning several changes (like reworking rating/level system, seasons to bring new players chance fight for levels with others and so on).
Next week we plan race for PC players to open our community out of consoles too.

For now, site is Czech only, but it may change in future if there will be interest of foreign players. Are you not from Czech Republic but interested? Need help with something? Feel free to ask me.

We would welcome anyone interested in quality racing on https://www.gtarena.cz/

Thanks for reading