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Thread: Ps4 dedicated servers

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    Ps4 dedicated servers

    Title says it all, pc users have it, can us console players get it? Even if its a premium rental service like games such as bf4 have.

    We have a growing community of clean racers and creating private lobbies and adding hundreds of friends, then manual invites and organising it all is becoming tedious.

    Would be great to rent a dedicated server lobby for our members, password protect it and anyone can join the server at any time without an invite as long as they know the password.

    Please please please
    Clean Racing on PS4 Visit :
    > We have hundreds of members but don't let that intimidate you, you will soon get to know the regulars and enjoy your racing with us
    > We have races every night of the week
    > All skill levels welcome as long as you race clean
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