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Thread: Just lost my first championship...

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    Just lost my first championship...

    In the McLaren F1 on Donnington in the rain. Holy sweet mother of god that thing is crazy, the power is immense, the best description I can come up with is Savage.

    Until now I've raced in Formula Rookie, Classic Escort, Merc Touring, Sierra Cosworth and the Mitsubishi Evolution and I've had no problems, I've been in better handling boats that the classic Escort but even that was nothing compared to the F1.

    I ended up crashing out on the second to last corner and coming third in a one day invite championship. Its the first championship I've lost so far and I'm halfway through Season 2, mad thing is I'm yet to do a Formula Gulf race despite signing that contract and its now May in my calendar.

    This is by far the best racing sim I've ever played, pisses on GT, Forza & AC.
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