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Thread: [PC] Multiplayer Bug Reports (NO CHAT!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by krisztian.koszoru View Post
    Hi, someone help me, pls!

    I've just bought pCars on Steam (v11.2) and my lap times are not recorded in Time Trial mode (100% valid laps; with gray, not red) on any kind of track - even the local storage is still empty (0MB in Steam) and the leaderboard says my rank is N/A.

    The same issue occurs with the free Pagani Edition version! I see the leaderboard and i can load ghost times, but my times aren't recorded.

    I've waited 24+ hours maybe if the times are refreshed slowly...but still empty I usually do 3-5 100% clean laps...

    PLATFORM: Win 7 32bit
    CONTROL METHOD: Thrustmaster RGT wheel
    INPUT METHOD SELECTED: Pro, Manual H shifter with Clutch
    CAR/TRACK/TIRES: any car, any track, any tire
    HARDWARE (on PC): Intel Core i3-4160, Radeon R7 240 2GB, 4GB DDR3
    Steam user ID: krisztian.koszoru, game cache verified, Steam cloud sync enabled, firewall open for pCars, etc...

    e.g. with DiRT Rally the same thing works őerfectly.

    Thanks in advance!
    Same problem,

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    Track Monza GP need some changes with penalty time... lately I see some morons cutting first and second chicane at full speed because it's faster even if they get 5-10 sec penalty after it.

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    No more changes/updates for pCARS 1.
    Addressing expectations on realism and simulation - Project CARS PC Leaderboards - Learn how to race properly - Forum Resources for Pcars
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    Storage: SSD 250GB Samsung 850 EVO x2 - 2TB Western Digital Caviar Green Sata III x2 | Sound: X-FI Xtreme Gamer Fatality Pro + 400W Technics 7.1
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