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Thread: Lobby down?

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    Lobby down?


    currently I can't find any server in Online mode.

    At Server-Browser-URL also no player in on a server:


    Is the lobby down somehow ?


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    Seems so. Managed to race quite a bit though, just before it went down.
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    Umer Ahmad
    About 2 hours ago also there was STEAM Webservice Outage so i could not see any lobbies. Came back after few minutes

    I use this, pretty reliable but not 100%

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    I've been trying to get in for an Hour thinking it was an issue at my end.
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    same, i made the mistake of checking the support subforum before general discussion so i thought i was all alone until a mate logged on a couple minutes ago

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    Had a series of good races tonight ubtil servers went down...
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