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Thread: Replay without opponents!BUG?

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    Question Replay without opponents!BUG?

    hey, sometimes after a multiplayer rece i watch the replay! now i recognized twice that sometimes a driver i missing in the replay, even, there was no prblem with the connection in the race ! missing in replay

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    Yes same problem here. I see some people explane this with "lag", but that's not the case. I actually got a nice compliment from a guy that I overtook on the outside. It was a tight fit! In the replay there was ....... NO CAR . I was hoping to watch this a few times, but ProjectCars just leaves some cars out in replay .. and that really really is a shame!

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    This has happened to me too twice in two days. I only save the replays when I've had a race which is nose to tail the whole way, and I've been lucky enough to get two of them in public lobbies - where we've passed and re-passed each other without any shoving or pushing.

    And on both replays there's just me and my little car going around on our own

    The replays seem to save VERY quickly though, so hopefully it's a case of the replay data being stored remotely and something going wrong which can be fixed with an update. I hope.


    Turns out the data is stored on the ps4, but not as a video as such, more as a data file. I saw that in another thread somewhere. So maybe it's a case of once it's corrupt, it's kaput.
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