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Thread: In-game steering wheel rotation

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    In-game steering wheel rotation

    I've seen videos of people who can turn their in-game steering wheels around 360 degrees each direction, and I've also seen videos where people can only turn their in-game steering wheels as much as me, which is merely around 100 degrees in each direction.

    I don't think it affects how much the car can turn, but I think it just looks better and would be more fun for me if I saw that I could turn my wheel more. Does anyone know why I can only turn my wheel that much? I'm using Xbox One controller on Xbox One.

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    If the ingame animation is sync with your wheel depends on the calibration. If you calibrated it wrong, the animation will be off.
    Then it depends on the car, how big the max. wheel steering angel is. Multiply that with the steering ratio from the setup, that's how far you can turn the steering wheel.
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