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    Quote Originally Posted by Bealdor View Post
    IMO if you're using just single screen and it is not a 40+ inch TV right in your face, you should think about making compromises regarding a realistic FOV.
    I have a 43 and its in my face but still no mirrors. Sometimes I get a portion of the rear view if it has one, but I use the fake rear mirror if needed. Open wheels I can always see side mirrors but not in tin tops. I'll sacrifice side mirror for proper fov any day. I don't need em. All about awareness and anticipation. I probably don't mind from years of no mirror on my kart Plus crew chief takes care of it for me.
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    I agree, pCars need some king of spotting systems. There is a huge blind zones at the sides if you have only one monitor and realistic FOV. Yes, there are Look Left/Right buttons, but I don't like how they realized, I'm getting dizzy using them - I feel like I'm spinning when using them. I would prefer they had fixed positions, not a fast panning like it is now!

    Currently I'm using CrewChief app for spotting, and I like it very much!

    I like the spotting system in Codemaster's F1 games, especially in 2016 - white arrows showing direction and distance to the car. For those who want realism, it can be switchable in game settings, and no problem, you can keep realism as much as you like. But I would like to have an option !!!

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    I radar HUD option could certain help, although I'm concerned that newer drivers may pay more attention to that instead of the corner exit when required (leading to out-of-control moments and collisions anyway. Perhaps we'll get one for pC2 (I don't know).

    Very happy using the crew chief app in the meantime.

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    Crew Chief is your friend !
    Audio call on other cars position, ie: On your left...still there... cleared !

    And it's one of the only app that dont lock the port for itself on the androids, so you can run other app like HUD displays at same time, if the HUD dont lock the port either.

    PCar Dash and Crew Chief is a good combo.
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