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Thread: [ANSWERED] Only 50 server avaiable?

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    [ANSWERED] Only 50 server avaiable?

    when I want to look for server available I only see maximum of 50.
    Why so less? Even in evening I see limit of 50 servers, I think there must be thousands of gamer online...
    I already change download location to UK and back to Germany, but no difference.
    Is there a setting ingame or in steam where I can see all possible servers?
    I know from a user he tell that he can attend probably to 56 servers but I don't know about his settings.

    Many thanks

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    50 is the maximum to be displayed.
    You can use the filter to see all the servers for a specific class car or a specific track.
    With the filter, you have less than 50 servers. If you still reaches the limit of 50, use again the filter to be more specific.
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