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Thread: 100% difficulty

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    So I've done quite a few non career quick races tonight in my favourite forumla c car and note that when you don't start upfront the ai is defiantly better in 100% mode.

    Some tracks like brands Indy, and silverstone national, Brno, I only gained one or two places from starting mid pack and I like the fact I couldn't out power , or out brake the AI.

    Will defiantly handicap myself in career qualifying from now on.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jbpd View Post
    I'm loving the game the a bit disappointed with the difficulty settings.

    I'm on 100% with no assists but I've qualified on pole every race (I think ive seen this is a big with AI and fuel) and am winning most races unless I make a mistake, with almost default car setups

    I'd have liked to only be able to win on 100% after having to really fine tune car setups
    And my driving at a track

    For example forumla c career mode 100% race distance I've won every race so far including Brno which I never raced until practice.
    possible for you to drive MONZA GP with GINETTA G55 GT3 vehicle and put a youtube video or post your video here? would love to learn from your driving if at all possible and you are willing to post. thanks much.

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