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Thread: Affinity (races entered/wins)

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    Affinity (races entered/wins)

    Why does the affinity count practice and qualifying towards races entered. I just entered my first American stock car series race and my Drive Network Profile affinity shows 3 races entered and 1 win. The other classes seem to also be vastly off.

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    I'm pretty sure it counts race resets as individual races. So if you restart a race twice, it counts as 3 races. I'm also starting to think it does count practice and qualifying as well. Otherwise it's glitched, because I have no idea how my race count got so high.

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    This needs to be looked at also counts free practice. Why on earth would it do that? Even if you set up 2 different saves, they all count.

    While I appreciate it's really something or nothing, for OCD types it is incredibly stupid and annoying. If I;m crap I'd like it be because I really am crap, not because it's counting every damn single thing you do as a 'race entered'.

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