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Thread: Losing A Wheel, Don't Come Back On

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    Losing A Wheel, Don't Come Back On

    Hey guys

    I couldn't find anything on this when searching the forums, but find it kind of distracting when racing open wheelers.
    If you crash and lose a wheel in either training or qualifying, if you then return to the pits to get it repaired, it does get fixed, but the wheel does not visually show up again. I tried one time driving without any wheels on coming out of the pits. It happens in multiplayer, haven't tried singleplayer with open wheel.
    Same happens with my friends cars, on their screen, we all see the wheels missing on each others cars.

    Xbox One, pre and post patch 1.3

    Regards. Alexander
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    Known issue ("Render").
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    Known issue ("Render").
    Awesome! Thank you!

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