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Thread: Map visibility options?

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    Map visibility options?

    Sorry guys if I've missed this anywhere but couldn't see any posts about it nor options within the game..

    I'm not a fan of the guided when to brake line or perfect line to take driving aid (ruins the realism imho) but do use the course map when learning a track. Sometimes it's perfectly visible (presumable depending on what type of race it's in?) But at other times you can't see it (thin white lines) against the bright sky/

    Is there any way to tweak it or are there plans in the pipeline to let us do so?

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    I hope they allow us to adjust the size of some of the HUD, personally I'd like to increase the map (top left) and lap times (top right) by at least another 50-100% it's current size. I know you can move objects around on the HUD but i don't think there is any option to scale them which would be a nice touch
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    That and maybe block out the background. White against a darker colour. So many times in bright light the map virtually disappears.

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