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Thread: Why Project Cars isn't a Racing game for Racers

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    Why Project Cars isn't a Racing game for Racers

    Firstly i am disappointed that SMS promised free content because the game was delayed by 6 months and 1 month on there is a dlc pack for 2.79. Its nice to know SMS only care about our money not keeping promises they made to people who bought their game.

    Secondly have SMS noticed there are less than 300 leaderboard times on each track? This is because the leaderboard system is a failure placing FA, FB & FC cars on the same leaderboard? Seriously? Is this a joke. No wonder people arent interested in hot lapping and with SMS too busy releasing DLC to take our money instead of actually making a racing game for racers so people can... you know race. I havent seen one post addressing the leaderboard issue which is why i will be selling my copy of the game and waiting for Forza 6.

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    Thread closed. Your last thread was moved for a reason. Final warning.
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