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Thread: Positive Shoutouts [PC]

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    All platform and wheels: Official Force Feedback Guide
    Info: pCars 2 Tire Pressure Official Guideline | Wheel FFB guide

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    That was a Epic Race/Battle!!! All 10 Laps to the Final Corner!!!
    Poirqc You Know your Name has to be in tbis thread

    I havent had a Race Like that in Too Long...We Have Gotta Do that Again
    OS: Win 10/64bit| Mobo: MSI Z170A-M5 | CPU: i7-7700k | Cooler: Corsair H90 | RAM: 32GB DDR4 | GPU: Asus Strix 2080ti OC Edition | PSU: CX 750M | Storage: Samsung SSD 250GB +4TB HD +1TB Media HD | PC Case: Corsair 760T | Display: QLED 55in Curved TV / VR: HP Reverb | Rig: RSeat N1, Fanatec DD2, CSP v3i , CSS SQ v1.5, CS HB, XB1 Hub/Forza Rim w/APM shifters, Formula Black F1, Astro A40 TR*, 3x Buttkicker Gamer2. Lets Talk FFB thread PC,PS4,XB1
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