The Tuner's Pit Racing Association (TPRA) is no ordinary racing league.

Established in April 2008, our community of over 650 members have helped us to become one of the most well-known Gran Turismo racing leagues, and now expanded into Project CARS!
The TPRA has ties to Sony, Polyphony Digital (the developers of Gran Turismo) and GTPlanet (one of the most well-known sim racing websites on the Internet). Many of our racers have even gone on to represent the TPRA at GT Academy, some getting all the way through to the finals of the competition.

With over 7-years of experience providing league racing for Gran Turismo, our dedicated group of admins and staff are ready to support one of the best sim racing games we've seen for some time - Project CARS!

All skill levels are welcome, from beginners to experts. Our next Project CARS event begins at the end of June!

Get Online And Race!

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