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Thread: AI Improvements

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    AI Improvements

    Now that my ffb issues are sorted I can finally start to enjoy some of the 2.0 improvements. Specifically the AI performance and Wet weather racing. Kudos to the Devs for the improvements to the AI - now you can truly claim best in class for their performance.
    I just started my GT3 contract and I’m having the most immersive experience yet. Racing door to door and having them making intelligent decisions on the fly, playing the over under game through successive turns has me grinning from ear to ear and really celebrating the W.

    Driving in the rain no longer results in me being a distant memory to the rest of the field. It’s actually quite fun now. Can’t wait for the work day to be over.

    PS: Honorable mention to the sim physics: I miscalculated my fuel load and found myself short on gas in the closing laps of a race at RA. I had a comfortable enough to start coasting well before braking points and downhills to cut consumption. Didn’t know if it would work but it did . I was able to drop my usage and salvage second place. I f I had a clutch I can only imagine I would have been more efficient. It seems like in GT# radiator, duct, and downforce adjustments can really make a break a race. I love it!
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