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Thread: *HELP*Setting up a Le mans Solo race- How to incl LMP, GT and Prototype cars.

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    *HELP*Setting up a Le mans Solo race- How to incl LMP, GT and Prototype cars.

    Anyone know how to set up a endurance race that includes Prototypes, LMP and GT cars. The multi class adds only LMP and Prototypes. I don't want Radicals in my race. If not possible then Defs please fix this as I really want to do a Le mans race especially with Le mans starting Friday the passion to do my own will be at a all time high and I want GT cars in my races too.

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    Agree. Multiclass works strange way - I supposed it would include all type of cars.
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    I ran a few LeMans weekend races with multi-class, and there's cars in there that shouldn't be in there, hopefully they add the ability to pick class types soon.

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