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Thread: Additional Engine SFX

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    Additional Engine SFX

    I made mention of this in another thread on a different subject once before but I figured I'd put a topic in here to add it to the el grande list of thangs people are requesting.

    Would really love to hear some additional sound effects in the cars, especially related to the engine. Right now, if you hit the Start button you just get an immediate engine idle. I'd love to hear some actual cranking and a VROOM! before the idle. Engine startups are one of the things that makes cars exciting and ignites our passion for them (there's entire videos devoted to the subject). When I spin out from over driving and kill it, I want to hit the ignition and hear the engine sing back to life instead of just "oh hi... you're back".

    Another thing that seems to be missing is an audible indication of engine failure. Many times there's more to an engine failure than it just immediately stopping. Running out of fuel will result in a slight shutter before silence, overheating may result in engine knocking that gets more severe before failure, sometimes they just go boom. Albeit I have seen failed engines that "just stop" however some audible queues would be fantastic. It would also help people avoid the "engine blown after the first 10 laps of lemans" issue if they can hear something's wrong on lap 7 (ie: "oh that doesn't sound good... maybe I should pit"). Now I understand that one is probably not going to go out and kill an engine in a Mclaren F1 just to record the sound of it exploding, but even a generic (even synthed) set of sounds would be better than "engine running... > dead" day in and day out.

    So anyways, that's my feature suggestion for when the devs have nothing better to do.
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    I like those additional sound fx you mentioned. They would sound awesome, especially the startup. The knocking engine sounds would also add up to the experience, giving you important feedback about the engine status.
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