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Thread: Top speed Le Mans recommended set ups?

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    Top speed Le Mans recommended set ups?

    So I'm trying to top at the end of the Mulsane straight in the new BMW prototype. Any recommended setups to get to 218? Where is the longest straight in the game?

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    longest straight parts of tracks that spring to mind currently is

    Monza after final turn down the start finish straight
    Nordschleife after the right hander the long straight leading to the bridge that goes past the Tourist start finish area
    LeMans the straights there are pretty long
    and maybe Spa after eua rogue think thats how spell it anyway

    EDIT- things can think of for increasing top speed would be
    Gear ratios
    Downforce as low as possible
    closing any vents like radiator / brake ducts to reduce drag but this can also cause higher engine temps
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