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Thread: Hard to catch up with already completed races & invitations

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    Lightbulb Hard to catch up with already completed races & invitations

    Each season on the career races, we see the same invitational events on the calendar which already completed (ok no problem). Its hard to remember if you done it or not. To check this I have to go back and check the Driver Network Profile. Instead of forcing this way, I suggest developers to add a tick for the races won previous seasons to the calendar menu
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    I had the same thought some time ago. For sure not a big problem going back to the driver network profile but a tick or something like that would make it much more comfortable.
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    It is a bit of a hussle trying to remember which one you've completed, especially if you have a memory like a sive, trying to work out whether you've completed the EVO Touring Car series or the one with number 2 next it or not. Please add an option, maybe something to the tune of:

    Last time you finished: 4th out of 8 in this event.
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    I use the paper-pen method and when there is a doubt, I go the driver profile.
    But I agree a "champion" checkmark would be appreciated
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