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Thread: Wheel calibration..what is meant by 90 degrees?

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    Wheel calibration..what is meant by 90 degrees?

    I am calibrating Fanatec Gt3 v2

    After initial full lock you are asked to turn wheel 90 degrees. I am confused because there is a number shown under the wheel icon that shows degrees. However it never gets to 90. So should I just turn the wheel one quarter turn which would be 3 o'clock or 9 o'clock?

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    Exactly what it say, turn your wheel 90 degrees (right or left).

    The number on screen shows the total degree of steering lock. On my G27 it should be right around 900

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    I have the same wheel. I used it yesterday and it felt odd so I set the SEN setting on the wheel to OFF then calibrated the wheel. 90 degrees in real life equals close to 900 in game.

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    You first turn your wheel all the way until stop then center it and press next, then turn wheel 90 deg (3 o'clock or 9 o'clock) until it reads 900 deg and HOLD it there, then press finish.
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    Yes, Quarter turn gives 90

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