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Thread: My personal choice of equipment

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    My personal choice of equipment

    Hi there...

    I am new to the racing communities and Project CARS is the first race-related game I am going to buy in near-future.
    Ofcourse, I have a question that everyone asked himself/herself before: What wheel, shifting device and pedal to use!
    I have been eliminating all kinds of wheels on several aspects and I came down to the choice between:
    1. Thrustmaster T100 Force Feedback Racing Wheel
    2. Logitech G25 Racing Wheel
    3. Logitech G27 Racing Wheel
    As I am a poor man, and do not have sufficient knowledge about these things, I hope someone can help me out here!
    The Logitech G25 and G27 are quite expensive in my eyes, they're up to 230-260 euros(260-290 USD) These 2 seem more complicated to use, which in my eyes makes the game more realistic, therefore better
    The Thrustmaster T100 Force Feedback costs around 100 euros now(110 USD), and looks more simple than the other 2, less realistic, little less fun.
    Is one of the Logitechs worth the money or should I just get the Thrustmaster if the difference is too small?

    I hope I placed this Thread in the right place :c
    Sorry for the long story :c

    Thanks in advance! - GlennP

    I have read a lot of reccomendations on Steam, most negative recommendations are about how poorly the graphics are if you own an AMD graphics card, I have AMD fx-6300..... Is this true? I don't want to spend 225 euros on the G25/G27 if the graphics will indeed be as poorly as claimed by AMD owners.....
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    Out of the three wheel options you posted, I would pick the G25 (I have been using G25's since they were released). I know several people who upgraded to the G27 from a G25 and were not happy.

    As for the AMD question, there is currently a performance difference between AMD graphics cards and Nvidia graphics cards. AMD is working on driver updates which will increase performance for AMD users. However, the performance is not terrible and you can have a good experience with Project CARS using AMD graphic cards.
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    Yeah the G25 is your best choice mate, better FFB than G27 and far more advanced than the T100.
    I've tried them all myself and have been sim racing for a very long time.

    I would also get the Nixim Brake Mod as you will find that the brake pedal is a bit weak.
    But try it out for yourself first though.
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    G25 user here and have been for 7 years and well over 100k miles on various games, hardly any wear apart from a small patch of leather worn, still can pull your arms out if you crank it up too much and the pedals are worn down to the bolts but are 100% working with no dropouts, deadzone removal range is still 0.05 or 5% so it's still tight, a couple of my mates bought G27 recently and theirs is 15-18%!!, I only just cracked out the gearstick to use the shifter for this game and it's great, need to mod the 'H' shifter to make it a short shift next

    I have used and abused this wheel and it keeps on going, if it fails I will look for a another G25 to replace it.
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    Fantastic! I will buy the G25. Thanks for your answer, you were much of a help!

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