View Poll Results: Which is your most wanted Historic track for Project CARS?

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  • Baltimore Street

    36 0.98%
  • Birmingham Superprix (UK)

    32 0.88%
  • Calder Park (Thunderdome)

    27 0.74%
  • Goodwood

    261 7.14%
  • Hill Climb Course of Pécs

    69 1.89%
  • A1 Ring

    193 5.28%
  • Amaroo Park

    11 0.30%
  • Avus

    48 1.31%
  • Bathurst (without Chase)

    36 0.98%
  • Brands Hatch

    23 0.63%
  • Bremgarten

    7 0.19%
  • Brno

    24 0.66%
  • Brooklands

    54 1.48%
  • Crystal Palace

    24 0.66%
  • Donington Park

    20 0.55%
  • Fuji

    173 4.73%
  • Hockenheim

    241 6.59%
  • Kyalami

    116 3.17%
  • Laguna Seca

    49 1.34%
  • Le Mans

    205 5.61%
  • Linas Monthlery

    15 0.41%
  • Longford

    15 0.41%
  • Monaco

    130 3.56%
  • Monza

    130 3.56%
  • Nürburgring with Südschleife

    320 8.76%
  • Reims-Gueux

    22 0.60%
  • Riverside

    46 1.26%
  • Rouen les Essarts

    120 3.28%
  • Silverstone

    57 1.56%
  • Spa

    365 9.99%
  • Vancouver Street Course

    67 1.83%
  • Watkins Glen

    45 1.23%
  • Mille Miglia

    106 2.90%
  • Mont Tremblant

    47 1.29%
  • Montjuic (Barcelona Street)

    57 1.56%
  • Oran Park

    61 1.67%
  • Phoneix Street Circuit

    51 1.40%
  • Race of Champions track

    46 1.26%
  • Solitude Rennstrecke

    46 1.26%
  • Targa Florio

    159 4.35%
  • Texas World Speedway

    79 2.16%
  • Westwood Canada

    22 0.60%
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Thread: Which Historic Track Would You Like to See Included? VOTE NOW!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryno917 View Post
    Which Watkins Glen is this referring to? Historic version of the circuit, or the street course?

    If the street course, then it would have had my vote. If the circuit, then vote goes to Spa.
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    Targa Florio, no brainer!

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    Voted for Hockenheim, but want Imola pre '95 and classic Le Mans with the old straight under the dunlop bridge too (not just Mulsanne without chicanes).

    I already know classic Spa is coming and that will be a great addition, but not worth voting for seeing it's a done deal.
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    I saw some YouTube videos of early builds of the monza historic track. The banking were not used. Will this be the final track layout or is there a possibility of the bankings being added?
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    Birmingham Superprix FTW!!!!
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    Could I make a suggested change to the format of the vote/suggestions system.

    I personally would like to vote for a number of tracks and this system is a very restricted in that it only allows each person to vote for one track, I would suggest that a new subforum is opened for track suggestions (maybe one for historic and one for modern or just a single subforum for any track selections it doesn't make a huge amount of difference) anyone with a suggestion (or those who have already suggested) can make a single post thread with their suggestion and any supporting media (track maps, images, history of the circuit etc etc) and then the votes are tallied simply by the number likes on each post. It allows us to show support for any and all tracks which we support and will naturally allow the most popular tracks to be shown through. I know it involved an extra forum suggestion but its a system that I have seen used elsewhere and one which works very very well.

    It would be easy enough to setup (a new subforum and a sticky about how it works) it allows people to browse through each suggestion with further information rather than just a track name and it allows anyone to support as many or as few tracks as they want to have, you can "sort by number of likes" to see the most popular suggestion.

    Edit to add: It would make it nice and easy to keep track of duplicates, you could have a rigid naming structure detailed in the stickies to make sure that already suggested tracks are easy to find and to keep things neat. The same principle can be applied to car suggestions too...
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    i voted for rouen, bc unlike spa (my other candidate) im not 100% sure its coming. pretty sure old hockenheim is coming as well, for all the ppl who voted for it...targo i didnt vote because its simply not going to happen.

    but mostly im posting to say, goodwood?? freaking GOODWOOD???
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    I voted Westwood Canada because my house is now right where that track used to be. Vancouver street circuit is the next closest.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mister dog View Post

    I already know classic Spa is coming and that will be a great addition, but not worth voting for seeing it's a done deal.
    Really?? Dang it I already voted for Spa or I also would have chosen Hockenheim.
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    bring on the ovals already. Texas Speedway, Indianapolis Speedway...

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