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Thread: Project Cars Dedicated Server GUI Launcher, with “live timing“ (results, timetable,)

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    Quote Originally Posted by MotorSport View Post
    I found an error for select the language files.

    line 506 "Settings.au3"
    + $Auswahl_Einstellung_Sprachdatei = @ScriptDir & "\language\" & $Auswahl_Einstellung_Sprachdatei & ".ini"
    - If $Auswahl_Einstellung_Sprachdatei = "DE - German" Then $Auswahl_Einstellung_Sprachdatei = @ScriptDir & "\language\" & "DE.ini"
    - If $Auswahl_Einstellung_Sprachdatei = "EN - Englisch" Then $Auswahl_Einstellung_Sprachdatei = @ScriptDir & "\language\" & "EN.ini"
    - If $Auswahl_Einstellung_Sprachdatei = "FR - French" Then $Auswahl_Einstellung_Sprachdatei = @ScriptDir & "\language\" & "FR.ini"

    Now all traduction are correct and it's possible to add more language.

    If you want, I can help you from github.
    Oh yes, this is some code from older versions.
    I changed the names, on earlier versions the File names was only "EN.ini".

    Sure you can help, improve or continue development if you want.
    You will see that there are also a few new things I started with but never finished.
    I am not working on it anymore.....only from time to time or if someone reports issues.
    At the moment there is still some code missing on github, will be soon completely uploaded.

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    Hi, can I use this PCDSG if I got a gameserver at a host company?
    I dont have Project Cars DS on local pc, it is on the hosting companys server only.

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