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Thread: Share your game clips!

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    Share your game clips!


    Sorry if this is a duplicate thread of sorts... I couldn't find one like it.

    I'm loving this game and nearly every race there's a moment where I find myself shouting 'XBOX RECORD THAT!' so I thought I'd start a thread for people to share the good times (and not the bugs!)

    Let's see the most intense passes, near misses, or crazy crashes.

    The moments that make you feel like a real driver.

    To kick it off here's a couple of mine from the past few days.

    Dodging McClarens on my qualifying hotlap at Catalunya.... squeaky bum time.

    Crashing out on Monza as some numpty was practicing his 3 point turn on the track... I'm not sure if you can tell but I saw this really really late.

    BUT then taking P3 by 1/10th on the line in the same race! (I really wish I had look left/right mapped to my wheel... you can see me take P3 on the HUD just before the line )

    Hockenheim... stunning sunset. Fighting in the middle of the back. And not being the guy getting taken out for once ... (this lobby was v.clean it was just fun and aggressive)

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    Good idea.

    Here is me with my Tommy Hill style overtake around Brands Hatch..

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