Am I missing something with 'Half Racer, Half Demon'? I followed a bunch of YouTube videos. Everyone says this is the easiest achievement but, no matter what I do it's not unlocking. I went to Free Practice, Nordschleife, P1 and drove over 207MPH for well over 7 secs. I restarted the race and tried it 3 times. Tried it with and without using the DRS. I made sure not to drive off of the road. I even tried creating a Solo Race Weekend. Same track & car with 1 lap set. But, when you get to the straightaway the automatic use of the KERS drains before the straight away and doesn't get you faster than 201 MPH. I was able to hit the 207MPH for over 7 sec during the first straight on Le Mans but, once again the achievement didn't unlock. I restarted the race, repeated the requirements, but this time finished the race. I also tried to make sure I ran a clean lap. Still no achievement. At this point I double checked to make sure I didn't already unlock it without noticing the pop up notification. I did not unlock it. I then repeated everything I listed using the McLaren F1 instead. Still didn't work. I give up.