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Thread: Reporting Suspect lap times.

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    Quote Originally Posted by N0body Of The Goat View Post
    The system in pCARS since patch 3.0 does not simply void laps for going outside the track defining white lines, the "cutter" has to have gained a time advantage also.

    When the ghost car goes wide at Degna 1, you do not appear to definitely lose ground.
    I think he does lose ground after Degna 2. The ghosts exit speed at Degna 2 is higher then possible by staying within the lines, because he turns Degna 1 and 2 into one fluent corner with a bigger radius and higer corner speed(hence exit speed).

    So I think the devs should not only take into account if there's time gained when off, but also the exit speed. Or even maybe een easier have a look up table of exit speeds. If you went off and your exit speed is higher than one from any valid sector, your lap will be invalidated. And IMHO it should be grounds for a cut corner penalty in a race.
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    I realise it isn't technically cheating or against any rules, but how does the current top Formula A time around Bannochbrae by Merdon, a 1:39:289, not get invalidated by all that wall riding? The ghost drives head on into the barriers at the right hander after the bridge!
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    The weired about this is: Cutting on this Track is punished meticulously (even if you have at least 2 tyres on the track) but wallriding is no problem and can be done on the complete track... and even more weired -> if you hit a guardrail accidentally, Lap Time is invalid. Where is the logic in that?
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