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Thread: modified car pack and limited car pack update problems

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    modified car pack and limited car pack update problems

    hello, i bought and pre-ordered on xbox one market project cars digital ultimate edition the first day, including dlc's project cars limited upgrade, dlc's modified car pack and free lykan car.
    Later, i bought community liveries one and racing icons without problems.

    My problems are:

    dlc's project cars limited upgrade is in my historic but don't want to be loaded (error code : 0x87de2726 : installation stopped)
    dlc's modified car pack is anywhere in my historic , licenses or hard drive, and when i want to buy it again on xbox store, i read "not possible, only with grouped offer. i can't redeem my activation code because it's a digital edition.

    xbox one technical support gave me your e-mail because they are not able to do anything about my problem.
    For them, my status project cars digital ultimate edition is ok .

    could you help me please ?

    Let me know if you need to know more informationís to do the job.


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