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Thread: A new home for all your setups

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jussi Karjalainen View Post
    We will have to think about that, but we'd have to write large chunks of the site again (and Ricky would probably rather write everything again than hack and slash the current one) to support the new setup features coming in pCARS 2 (not gonna tell you what those are though ), and honestly it was an incredible pain in the ass to put the data together in the first place, not sure we want to go through that again, especially now that I'm working and Ricky has a child, etc. We will see how it pans out.

    If worst comes to worst and we don't do a new site I suppose I could act as a consultant for someone who wants to put up a new site and help them out.

    If there is no pcars 2 site what are the chances of you providing an updated spreedsheet ? I use the sheet all the time and would be pretty lost without it
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    Quote Originally Posted by inthebagbud View Post

    If there is no pcars 2 site what are the chances of you providing an updated spreedsheet ? I use the sheet all the time and would be pretty lost without it
    THIS!! YES PLEASE!! The calculator is by far the more important part for me.

    It would make a fine birthday present for me if you confirmed within the next few days that you would update and maintain it for pCARS2
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    Eventually, anyway. No rush, the release date hasn't been set yet for pc2.
    Is there a possibility of a pcars2 calculator?
    That can be used/adapted as a basis for a setup database, either a new site/existing site/ or we can work out a way to share on the forum if that's OK.
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