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Thread: Stop The Wreckers...From Spoiling Our Party!

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    hi.. after a hiatus i tried again pCars online public multiplayer

    are jump starts allowed? yesterday i was on 7/8 races, almost all of them starting on pole and i was always wrecked on first corner (or even before). or i am a terrible race starter or I am missing something. truth is, in pcars i spend 95% in qualifying and 5% in actual racing..

    also, in some races i could not change the camera, i got the camera where you dont see anything (i have cockpit camera by default). is this a bug or something else?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SpeedFreakDTM View Post
    90 min practise for a 6 lap race. Why do people do that? If I need an hour and a half practise, I'll do it on my own, in FREE PRACTISE mode. LOL
    The couple of guys I run with we set a long practice sesh for a half hour-ish (15-20 laps) race.
    We're doing laps with a new track or car practicing testing and tuning cars, checking each other's times, racing lines and sharing setups. Usually make our own tunes unless one of us is significantly faster.

    There's always an option to vote to advance the session, which sometimes gets used.

    GotAll not sure what platform you're on but 1st corner in a busy lobby is generally a proper cluster fuck.
    Besides that, coincidentally since F1 2015 released, the PS4 public lobbies don't seem too bad lately. I mostly race online but I prefer starting at the back unless I'm confident of a good launch and maybe P2/P3 provide enough of a collision barrier lol
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    I have pCars on PC and PS4. This was on PS4.. on PC (multiplayer) I prefer iRacing.

    The issue with waiting for first corner, is that on a 5 lap race (that is the most common option) if you lose 10 seconds at beginning, even if you reduce the disadvantage by 2 seconds per lap to the leader (which is a lot if it is a close race) you still dont reach it (especially considering that you have to overtake a lot of people that most likely will try to slam you at 1st opportunity)

    will try league or friends racing but public multiplayer is v tricky

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    Sounds great! It takes three hours to get ONe good race. Dude, people cant even be overtaken without losing it and ramming others! Its pathetic! But is ur idea possible?
    One more thong: three secs after a touch, if you go out on the grass, there should be no PENALTY!!! People ram your car into the grass and YOU GET THE PENALTY! Not fair!

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