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Thread: Why I'm starting to think sharing tunes is kind of pointless..

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    The way the game makes sharing setups difficult, I can have a car the works for me at 11am, but sucks on the same track and same conditions at another time of day. It is probably only a pressure adjustment needed but the logged setup will still be rubbish

    Then tyre wear, fuel load and the way the track evolves also come into play when racing.

    It is helpful to look at what others have done for sure, and then think about why they have done it, but I've always found I am quicker with my own setup, and that they usually don't work for others!

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    Yes I think you are right. Not pointless though. I remember back to GPL that Gregor Huttu posted his setups. Thought it was going to dramatically alter my times.
    Truth be told I couldn't keep the car in a straight line. Gregor had a totally different driving style (perhaps why he was so fast) so I learnt to do setups to my driving style. Never as fast but I could keep the car on track.
    A positive sometimes is to look at the individual parts of the setup. These can sometimes offer a pointer to the way I should go.


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    Sharing tunes is quite usefull imo. I use tunes i find online to make a base tune for my car, and then i start tweaking and tuning. Tuning is ofcourse about personal preference. some drivers like slightly more oversteer, some like to blast over the curbs at full speed. Tuning should fit your driving style.
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