Nice video mr fuzz and congrats to you lmntr to another win. Myself i clearly must change my race strategy; as now, i like to do two stints with less fuel and higher pace but with this games dreadfully long pitstop times (45sec) that doesnt seem to be a winning formula.

As for the race: had a good quali and started p1. Decent start and kept first position in turn one. Build up a 25sec gap until my pitstop on lap 19 but got passed by lmntr while pitting and came out 20sec behind. Realised lmntr pulled in consistent solid lap times so had trouble catching up. Pushed hard and was eight sec behind with 6 laps to go and try to up my pace over my limit ending up with a spin at the second chicane. Had to accept second place was the best i could do and just took the car to the finish line. Had great fun and was dripping in sweat from lap 5 and forward :-)