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Thread: You want to complain about Pcars? Read me first!!!

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    Number/team of car!

    Thing is that I can't choose team in, for example, ESL competition's.

    Second is that after qualifications and just before race start, my car is in 4th, 5th or some other gear!
    "It was quick it was clean"

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    Camera and screen info are driving me insane. The toggling seems to have zero rhyme nor reason and to make matters worse it is SO EASY to switch unintentionally. I cannot drive with a stick so use the left/right pad buttons so assigning the various screen display toggles to other buttons is a nightmare as I always bumpo them. Well that and the movement of the controller makes the sticks flinch so if I assign them there it's always switching view modes mid race.

    In dire need of an option to fix the view/camera etc unless fixed option is disabled because just trying to reassign keys is not working.

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    Until you experience the unbridled awfulness that is EA's NHL series--a malfunctional maelstrom of design incompetence, network intransigence, and community indifference--you just cannot understand just how spoiled we are to have a game like this.

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